Shown here in my sculpture garden with TORII, a metal and rock gate inspired by examples in Japanese gardens.

Since 2006, I have been creating sculpture, furniture, and installations in metal. Inspired by the complexity and variety found in nature,my work communicates the strength, delicacy and adaptation found in the environment.

In some ways, I’ve been growing as a metalworker all my life. I was encouraged at a young age to help with home repairs and some construction. With exposure to tools and guidance on how to use them, I developed confidence in my abilities. In high school, I loved my wood and metal shop classes, and in my junior and senior years I had classes in welding, carpentry, electrical and machining. It was a natural step to pursue a career as a toolmaker and I began a four-year toolmaking apprenticeship.

During these early years, my brother Wes began exposing me to his artistic endeavors and worked with me in his workshop. His mentoring has been more meaningful and educational than any traditional training offers. He encouraged me to attend arts and craft shows and we would discuss the artists techniques and critique the work offered. It began for me what will be a lifelong quest to collect handcrafted art, especially unique vessels.

After working seven years as a toolmaker, I made a career change to work for a local Hobie Cat/boat dealer. Passionate about sailing and yearning for a different lifestyle. I moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland and established my own yacht service. For 14 years, I problem solved, fabricating custom work for fastidious yacht owners. I discovered that no manuals existed for the things I was called on to do, so I had to rely on my own skills at creating solutions to spatial or mechanical problems, ultimately developing new techniques and methods to accomplish the impossible.

My taste for creating was whetted. Beginning with a part-time effort at lamp-making, furniture-making and some decorative art, I participated in local art shows. Encouraged by the response and driven by my need to create, I embarked a leap of faith in 2006—a full-time artistic career. From the start it has been an amazing experience. My lovely, dare I say, extraordinary wife has adjusted well to my new schedule and with her encouragement and support, I see a future with endless possibilities. All in all, life is good and I am enjoying the creative adventure.