About My Work

IMGP7876-001_resizedIn January 2006, I entered the art world creating metal vessels. Having personally collected all types of vessels made from clay, wood, glass and fiber, I knew there were fewer metal vessels available. So this became my starting point to create open work metal vessels. My love of patterns and texture strongly influence my work. I have also loved exploring metal finishes and patinas.

Wall art was a natural extension of my vessels. I create tiles that give me freedom to play with many patinas. To create three dimensional wall pieces, I attach metal leaves or pods.

Over the years I have made various tables, mainly for personal use, but have recently wanted to explore making more furniture. This has lead to several collaborative pieces made with my woodworking friend, Bob Ortiz.

I spend a great deal of time outside working in my yard and gardens. Naturally, this has lead to my exploring garden sculpture, benches, gates and other garden design elements. I am very excited to be moving in this direction.

When I decided to be an artist, I worried that I might not have enough ideas and now I realize I don’t even have enough time for all my ideas.